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Recent Chromium build for Ubuntu introduces extensions and bookmarks sync

Posted in Google, Linux, Web by Chris on November 17, 2009

… but kills essential development features (which didn’t work anyway). Chromium (Ubuntu build 32056) was distributed via Launchpad the other day. There is no official repository for extensions yet. However, you may find other resources to mess with your browser. The syncing feature seems still somewhat immature, since your stuff will actually sync with a Google Docs document – and not with Google Bookmarks or another well established service like which would seem more plausible. Anyway, syncing via Google Docs works o.k., if all you want is to work with instances of Chromium across different machines. Since I still need Firefox from time to time, I prefer the Delicious bookmarklet to Chrome’s new built-in sync. And why would I still need Firefox? There’s still no serious web development on (Ubuntu) Linux with Chrome – which is too bad, really. The scripting console didn’t work before, and now Google seems to have killed the relevant entry in the developer tools menu. This is no solution, of course. OK, so in a new build I got the menu entries back – but there is still no chrome://devtools/devtools.html. Please Chromium Team, Firebug in all its glory is the one extension that ties me to Firefox (yeah, I know about Firebug Lite). I could easily dispense with the rest and work with javascript bookmarks for other vital functionality.

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